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utilities/file_utilities.h File Reference

#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <fstream>
#include <functional>
#include <system/directory_abstraction.h>
#include <system/file_abstraction.h>
#include <utilities/binary_data.h>
#include <utilities/exception.h>
#include <utilities/string_utilities.h>
#include <utilities/testing_utilities.h>
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class  nitro::File
 Class provides file manipulation routine. More...
class  nitro::CollectFiles< type, cont >
 Functor adds path to file into array. More...
class  nitro::CollectNone< type, cont >
 This functor does nothing. More...


namespace  nitro


#define WIN32_PLATFORM


 nitro::ALIAS_FUNCTION_2 (File::SaveBinDataToFile, tstSaveBinDataToFile, BinaryData, const char *)
 nitro::ALIAS_FUNCTION_2 (File::LoadBinDataFromFile, tstLoadBinDataFromFile, BinaryData, const char *)
 nitro::ALIAS_FUNCTION_1R (File::FileExists, aliasFileExists, const char *, bool)
 nitro::ALIAS_FUNCTION_1 (File::ForceCreateFile, aliasForceCreateFile, const char *)
 nitro::ALIAS_FUNCTION_1R (File::GetLastModified, aliasGetLastModified, const char *, tm)
template<class file_func_type , class directory_func_type >
void nitro::WalkThroughDirectory (const std::string &FolderPath, file_func_type FileFunc, directory_func_type DirectoryFunc, const bool Recursive=true)
template<class cont >
void nitro::CollectFilesFromDirectory (const std::string &FolderPath, cont &c, const bool Recursive=true)
template<class cont >
void nitro::CollectDirectoriesFromDirectory (const std::string &FolderPath, cont &c, const bool Recursive=true)

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#define WIN32_PLATFORM

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